Old-Fashioned Clock


My Story

You can't turn back time, but you can redeem it.

For many years, my life revolved around how effectively I could store, stack, pack, and “organize” my things. I realized that I spent the majority of my precious time and most part of every day moving objects from one part of my house to the other. And if I wasn’t putting things away, I was making piles and stacks effectively ignoring problem areas until I could no longer see or find what I needed. The cycle was never-ending. Twice a year I set aside days to completely rearrange my closet for the season. I spent hours packing up summer clothes and shoes just so I could fill my space with boots and winter needs. My clothes were stuffed so tightly on the rack that I would often forget what I had. I spent even more time shopping for the very items I owned but couldn’t find. The cycle was never-ending. The kids would leave for school and my morning faded into late afternoon picking up, folding, finding objects and returning them to places I thought they belonged. I wondered why I never had time to do anything else. Why in the past two years had I never read the books on my nightstand? Why was I stressed about not having enough time or energy to make a meal for a sick friend or offer to watch her kids? Why did I feel like I worked all day but never really got anything done? The cycle was never-ending.

And then it happened. I learned how to effectively stop the cycle and I have never gone back. My life is no longer defined by carrying objects from room to room in my house. I no longer spend precious time deciding and looking for what to wear. I don’t have piles of things laying around the house or closets and drawers stuffed full of clutter. I no longer wander aimlessly around a store seeking the bargain that might fit a space or fill a void. My time has been reclaimed, restored, redeemed. My nightstand books have been read. I am returning to my hobbies. I have time to call on friends or welcome them into my home without a worry of having to clean up. My home is a haven. I am comforted there. My possessions no longer work against me. I have been set-free. I am free to build relationships with people, not things. My hope is that you will learn this same thing for your home and life, as well.

Let me help you push the “reset” button on a cluttered life.