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Live Life on P.U.R.P.O.S.E.


With every new year comes new vigor to make positive change.  We set our resolutions, write down our goals and even try to get to bed a bit earlier.  The slate is clean. We get to begin again. I love it. But oh how quickly the newness wears off. We are three weeks and a few days in to 2020 and how many of those resolutions and goals are now slipping into a forgotten place, fading almost as fast as the holiday celebrations?  Why are we so quick to lose sight of things? Perhaps some of you are still on track, but for the rest of us, why didn’t we succeed?   

January Calendar

“I’ll get to that later,” you say as you step over a hill of laundry.  “Just put that there,” as you add another stack of mail to an already overflowing pile. Perhaps you like to keep your counters and floors clean, so you simply open a closet and shove while squeezing tightly a swollen door.  You may be a "piler," a" stacker," or a "shover" of stuff, but are you also a "scroller," a "clicker," or a "binger" of virtual stuff? Have you ever lost consciousness for a few minutes/hours (that you know of) while on your device? Much of our scrolling is by habit. It is untimed, unmonitored and unproductive. We seem to be on default mode with no real purpose in mind. 


Today, I want to challenge you to declutter mindless decisions and bad habits and instead do things on P.U.R.P.O.S.E.  And I want you to look at purpose in a new way.


We do things on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. when we: 

Prioritize and 

Understand our

Responsibilities so we can

Purge the 

Overwhelming and 




Having a purpose gives us a plan. So, why do we fail at those resolutions? Most well-meaning resolution makers never make a plan to do things on PURPOSE. Instead, they come up with a very general idea that has no executable action behind it. Doing things on PURPOSE shines a light on your priorities so you can declutter what stands in your way.  


This year I am moving toward a more wholesome, healthy, and allergy friendly diet for myself and my family. Having a child who has recently been diagnosed with a gluten allergy has helped me embrace this new way to cook and I know that I must prioritize my family’s health. It is my responsibility as the meal planner of my home to set menus, pick up groceries, prepare meals and have healthy snacks on hand.  Because I understand these actual responsibilities, I can purge the unnecessary and overwhelming that creeps into my schedule. Strolling mindlessly through Target for hours? No. Grabbing lunch, not once, but three times with friends? Not this week. I may have to say no to other activities, good activities even, so I can say yes to my priorities. Instead of trying to “fit it all in” only to feel exhausted with nothing to show for it, I save energy and make decisions on purpose so my family can eat well.  

This same concept applies to the actual clutter in our homes. Perhaps you long for a kitchen that is easy to clean and neat and tidy on a regular basis. Your priority is finding a home for all items that come into your kitchen, and eliminating or purging the items that cause overwhelm. Perhaps you have a set of teacups and saucers that your great aunt gave you but you never use. They are taking valuable space that possibly the instant pot could fill, nicely hidden in a cabinet. Purge those cups and saucers. Bless someone else by donating them and save energy knowing your instant pot is right there in that cabinet! And you don’t have to stack or move things to get to it! You are doing things on purpose so your tidy, neat kitchen is made real.

Anything that stands between you and doing things on purpose is clutter. Clutter makes us forget our priorities while stealing our energy.  Reset life by recognizing the clutter in our homes, our minds and our bad habits. I invite you to Declutter With Me today to reclaim energy, redeem time, and live life on PURPOSE.

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