What people are saying...

"I am so grateful for Kappi at Declutter With Me! She’s helped me tremendously. For years, I’ve been told by tidy, organized people that every single thing in my house should have a home. It sounds so simple. Yet, I’ve struggled with this concept basically my entire life. It’s as if I have a blind spot to organizing...”I’m organized blind!”  With Kappi’s help, I am now able to de-clutter and organize. I’m still learning but I’ve made so much progress. No more junk drawers in my kitchen. It feels so great to know I don’t have random things stuffed away. I’m learning not to just shove papers or unnecessary clutter into spots where it doesn’t belong. She’s teaching me to create a home for everything and offering tools to live and function in a clutter free environment.  Thank you so much Kappi!"

Amanda P.

With Kappi's help in educating me about how to declutter my home and keep it that way as well as why it's important, I feel my home is a more peaceful place to live. She helped me with ideas of how to better organize my closet and make it a pleasant room to be in. Before, it was very cluttered and a mess compared to other rooms of my home but now, it feels good to walk in there and I can see and find things so much easier. She also helped me to let go of items I was holding onto for sentimental reason but not using. This process was as much a lesson in human psychology as it was anything else! After taking her advice, I have been able to maintain the organization I learned easily and it has been 10 months ago that she first met with me. This is the difference between working with Kappi and other organizers. She teaches you what to do, how to do it and why it's important but doesn't do it for you. I think as great as an organizer that comes in and does everything for you can be, you really don't learn anything about how to keep it that way for the future and why it's important to really put thought into everything you bring into your home. I am certainly more conscience of what I buy now and that is a very good thing. So much of what we buy we really don't need. She also helped me to re-think my children's play room. It stayed a distaster all the time and was a constant source of frustration and stress for me trying to stay on them to keep it tidy. After meeting with Kappi, she helped me to re-organize and declutter the space so that it made more sense to my girls where their toys should go. We also cleaned out at least 30% of their toys that were no longer being played with and donated them to a local organization. it is a more peaceful space for them to play in now and I am a much happier Momma because it is easier for them to keep clean. After meeting with Kappi, I was motivated to purge each room of our home and get unused and unwanted items cleaned out and organized. I am so happy and pleased with my new decluttered spaces. As anxious as I was to get started with her because I knew it was going to be a change in mindset on my part as well as letting go of things I just didn't want to deal with or think about, I am so glad I did! Thank you Kappi!

Jennifer L.

When our house flooded, we had to act quickly to move out in order for new floors to be put in. Kappi was quick to return my email and set up a phone consultation. She was very helpful and stopped by to walk through our home. We addressed areas that needed to be Decluttered and moved. The day Kappi came back to work with me she gave me clear directions and we went right to work. She kept me on task and gave incredible advice. We accomplished a lot, but more than anything, it was the advice she gave me about clutter and changed the way I looked at it. Her words have stuck with me! Thank you Declutter With Me!

April D.