Are we a match?

We will schedule a 30 minute phone call to talk about your problematic areas. This is a good time for you to determine if I am a good fit for your needs. After we decide what package works best for you, we will confirm your session date with a deposit and I may ask you to send a few "before" photos via text.


Assessing your needs...

After our consultation you will receive a confirmation and my letter of agreement to sign and return. You will also receive a personal assessment to fill out for homework. Please take time to thoughtfully consider each answer on the questionnaire.  This is one of the most important moments in reseting your thinking about your possessions. Before our day of work, look for an email reminder and a few important items to have on hand for our session.


The moment you've been waiting for...

Your day of work is finally here!  I will arrive and we will get started immediately! You will have everything on hand that will help us make the most of our time.  At the end of our session, I will leave you with a "plan of action" list  to maintain your newly reset space or continue working toward your goal.


Follow-Up for Success...

After our amazing work session, I will check in on your continued progress.  I may even pop-in to make sure you are practicing the principles you have learned. Of course, you are free to email, call, or text me with questions, concerns, and ideas for our next area to declutter!

Declutter With Me serves clients within 15 miles of Frisco, Texas.

Clients outside of this area will incur a  trip fee. Virtual and FaceTime sessions may also be arranged.

Questions about what's included? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.